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Repair & Rebuild

Our company has extensive knowledge and experience with all the major Marine A/C and Refrigeration manufacturers. A lot of our clients have Aquaair and Dometic MarineAir, Cruisair, Waeco products, and our technicians have been factory trained on these products.

We are dealers for Webasto and Isotherm brand, and do carry limited stock on the chiller parts as well as for the refrigeration units. With the increase of Italian built boats, we teamed up with Frigomar Italy and now carry chillers and some of the replacement parts.

We are steadily building a stock level for these parts to reduce the shipping costs and lead times to our customers. Another Italian brand is Veco Climma – Frigoboat of whom we have also in the past few years been building a relationship with.

We have dealt with a lot of the refrigeration units that they manufacture and also do keep stock of most of the DC refrigeration units. Repair and rebuild services from Titan Marine Air can extend the life of your valuable marine systems.

Call Titan Marine Air for quotes and service on AC, refrigeration, water makers, and marine plumbing systems and components.

Our Services

Marine Plumbing

Services, maintenance, supplies and parts for your marine plumbing needs are available through Titan Marine Air. Call for the full range of marine sanitation, water heaters, bilge pump, and plumbing needs on your boat.

New Installations

Titan Marine Air can install AC systems, refrigeration, cooling, water makers and other marine systems on your boat, yacht or commercial vessel.

Water Makers

FCI open-frame and modular FCI systems are designed to facilitate visual inspections and routine, on-site maintenance. By comparison, competitors’ enclosed-frame systems require complicated disassembly to allow shipboard inspection.


Warranty work and services from Titan Marine Air include Cruisair, Marine Air Systems, Dometic, HRO Reverse Osmosis, Raritan, Condaria, Frigomar, Frigoboat, Whatever brand of equipment you have installed, call us to discuss your warranty service needs.

Descaling and Preventative Maintenance

Protect the value of your marine equipment with biodegradable chemical cleaning service from Titan Marine Air to dissolve water scale. Our service team can dissolve water scale, lime, mud and rust deposits to extend the life of your marine systems. By not regularly checking and cleaning salt water systems, growth at or near the condensing coils will not only shorten the life of the condensing coils but will also cause the compressors to run hotter and in both cases can cause irreversible damage. Titan Marine offers a maintenance program where by the entire system is checked periodically. We have saved our customers thousands of dollars by carrying out preventative maintenance and reacting to issues before they could cause damage.

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