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DW180IXD1-EF-2 Stainless steel drawer refrigerators and freezers double freezer with icemaker/refrigerator compartment


5.0 cu. ft., 2-Drawer Freezer with Ice Maker, Stainless Steel Front, Internal Condensing Unit, Surface Flange, 115vac DRAWER REFRIGERATORS AND FREEZERS Designed  to  transform  the  drawer  refrigerator  into  a  stylish  piece  of furniture, they express a sober and sophisticated, able to interpret the unique personality of your boat. Available in confgurations ranging from generous 10.6 Cu.Ft up to the smallest of only 1.2 Cu.Ft, and with the possibility of having a refrigerator functions, freezer and icemaker, with built-in or remote cooling unit. They are really pleased to satisfy any kind of need and location on board. The special care in the choice of  finishes  of  stainless  steel  -  AISI  316  - make the product aesthetically pleasing, and can be integrated in any type of boat interior. Now with the new Steelock system.

overall dimension with Flush Flange built-in dimension with Flush Flange - Surface Flange
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